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I am a Frenchman from the beautiful city of Nice, now living in Australia. 

I have been calling Canberra home since 2016 after joining the Embassy of France. 

This posting down under was an opportunity to reinvigorate my passion for photography. As a kid my grandfather who was a professional photographer in Tunisia and then in France taught me the basics. 

Back in the days I used to shoot films and process my images in my tiny bathroom in Paris. I have always been carrying a camera with me during my various trips around the world, but it’s really becoming addictive since I have been living in Canberra. The fiery sunsets, the mysterious foggy winter mornings, the modernistic look of the Telstra tower,  the incredibly clear night skies that allow astrophotography only a few minutes from the city center… all of these incredible features made me becoming an avid amateur photographer.

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